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Each year, sensational auctions get exposure through headlines in specialist publications, daily newspapers and renowned finance and culture magazines, as well as on TV and the radio.

Raten Sie mal, wie viel für diesen Diamantring bezahlt wurde

Schmuck-Begeisterte lassen sich an der Luxusauktion in Wil einzigartige Diamanten ...

57’500 Franken für das «Basler Dybli»

Im Auktionshaus Rapp wurden wertvolle und seltene Briefmarken versteigert. ...

Auktion in der Schweiz: Brief von 1850 aus Kiel erzielt Rekordsumme

Den Rekordpreis von 40 000 Euro hat ein Brief erbracht, ...

Briefmarken für fünf Millionen versteigert

Fünf Millionen Franken für Briefmarken: Die weltweite Beteiligung und Nachfrage ...

Auktion mit hohen Beträgen

Bei der Auktionswoche im Wiler Auktionshaus Rapp werden die Preise ...

Flawiler Sammlung für über 235’000 Franken versteigert

Der verstorbene Flawiler Maler Werner Widmer war zeitlebens passionierter Briefmarkensammler. ...

RAPP Press commentaries

We engage in a constant dialogue with the outside world, keeping the print and electronic media regularly informed about what we’re up to, sending out carefully designed press packs to inform the public about the wide range of services we provide, preparations for our auctions, and the results they achieve.

These activities usually stimulate many reactions in the international press. Some of them will be quoted here.

Media releases

Briefmarken waren exorbitant teuer

Höchstpreise für rare Österreicher Briefmarken an globaler Auktion ...

Kieler Brief kostete 40‘000 Euro

Rare, ausgesuchte Briefmarken und Briefe erzielen Höchstpreise an globaler Auktion ...

Wert millionenfach explodiert

65‘000 Franken an Auktion: Oltner Flugpost-Briefmarke nach Todessturz als Anlage begehrt ...

Falsch aufgeklebte «Basler Taube» auf Höhenflug

Raritäten- und Luxusauktionswoche startet fulminant mit hoher Nachfrage nach Briefmarken ...

Globale Luxusauktion beginnt

Inflationsängste und Flucht in Sachwerte: Rekordbeteiligung erwartet ...

Olympiafackel eines Bieler Fussballers unter dem Hammer

Die Olympia-Fackel und -Sammlung eines ehemaligen Bieler Fussballers und Fifa-Generalsekretärs ...

References – Excerpts from our Guest Book

Referenzen – Auszüge aus unserem Gästebuch

Since the beginning of our business until today, we have worked closely with leading institutions, organisations and individuals. Over the past few decades, they have repeatedly entrusted us with the best possible auction sale of their stamps, coins, jewellery and watches – with outstanding success!

Representative for many similar letters of commendation, we are pleased to let our customers speak this time.

F. K. from Czech Republic | 2010

«Just now I have received your excellent and unrivalled auction catalogues. Thank you!! I wish you the best of success for you as an auction house, and also for us, the collectors.»

Jo Kvernberg from Oslo, Norway | 2008

«Another very special auction with a very special atmosphere! Hard to believe, even for a philatelist, that Peter Rapp can present such a great offer each and every time. Rapp’s commitment is making the difference!» 

Georg Schegula from Oberrieden, Switzerland | 2008

«I have been a client for 30 years and every time it feels like an exclusive experience, to attend the Rapp auction personally.» 

Victor A. Rybakov from Russia | 2008

«Even though I am a very busy man, I always take the time, to attend Rapp auctions personally. This is the place where I can find the best pieces for my collection!»

Gavin Fryer, President | The Royal Philatelic Society London, United Kingdom | 2001

«I am most grateful to you and all your staff for their diligent work in preparing for and realising the good financial result achieved at the auction.»

Dr. Walter Asal, Orphan-Father | Civil Orphan-Asylum Basel, Switzerland | 1977

«We therefore are very anxious to thank you for the great success. Please receive our acknowledgment for the respectable and serious way you have prepared and carried out your auction. We thank you also in the name of our superiour authority who has as well obtained the impression that people may have full confidence in your management.»

Contact for Media Representatives

Roman Salzmann
Contact for Media Representatives
Phone 0041 71 420 92 21



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