Wir machen eine Sommerpause! Vom 17. Juli bis 4. August bleibt unser Unternehmen geschlossen. Ab Montag, den 5. August sind wir wieder für Sie da!
We are taking a summer break! Our company will be closed from 17 July to 4 August. We will be back for you from Monday, 5 August!


Trust the assessment of one of Switzerland’s leading auction houses when selling your collection.

The internationally renowned auction house Rapp has been trading and auctioning coins, medals, banknotes, and orders from around the world for over 50 years. Each auction features rarities and high-quality individual pieces, collections, and investment portfolios from various eras and collecting areas.
We are happy to provide a free appraisal of your coins. Simply get in touch with us. Reach out to us on Whatsapp, submit an inquiry through our contact form, or give us a call at 0041719237744.

Auctioning at Rapp - The Royal Way

Auctions are our passion, which we have been hosting several times a year for over 50 years. As a successful second-generation family business, we combine high quality with discretion and customer care. We guarantee professional marketing of your collection through our regular live auctions or our online-only auctions. Successfully auction your coins, medals, banknotes, and orders with us and benefit from our expertise and worldwide reputation.

Sell coins at Rapp

Prefer to sell directly? The purchase and sale of individual items and collections of any size is possible at any time. We provide a reliable, free, and non-binding evaluation of your coins at the current market value. Please also offer us investment coins of all kinds. Arrange an appointment with us at our expert days held nationwide in Switzerland. Individual appointments as well as home visits are possible for suitable items and by prior arrangement.

Our advantages summarized:

  • Trading and auctions for over 50 years
  • International renown
  • Expertise in coins, medals, banknotes, and orders.
  • Regular expert days held in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.
  • Multiple auctions annually
  • Professional marketing of your collection
  • Non-binding consultation
  • Individual home visits possible
  • Purchase also available for cash payment

Possible course of an appointment during one of our expert days:

  • You select an appointment online
  • Initial phone consultation 
  • Confirmation of appointment 
  • Non-binding appraisal by an expert during the expert day 
  • Consignment for auction or direct purchase

Expert knowledge About Coins​

The coin collection of Prof. Dr. Phil. Otto Rubensohn-Oppler (1867-1964)

General Henri Guisan (1874-1960) – A national hero on a gold medal

A Portuguese from Hamburg

Consignment Form

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