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We are taking a summer break! Our company will be closed from 17 July to 4 August. We will be back for you from Monday, 5 August!


Explore captivating behind-the-scenes looks into the daily lives of our experts and dive into exciting topics surrounding our auctions in our video collection. Step into the world of Rapp Auctions and witness handpicked treasures up close. Let our seasoned specialists guide you on an engaging journey through their fields of expertise, providing valuable insights along the way. Enjoy watching our entertaining and informative short videos!

Review Auction 2023

Find out more about the successful and exciting auction week held in November 2023 at Auktionshaus Rapp! Explore the highlights that captured attention worldwide and led to impressive bidding results. We are delighted by the high level of interest and active participation from thousands of people around the globe. The fantastic atmosphere made the Rapp Autumn/Winter Auction 2023 a truly unforgettable experience.

A bag from Louis Vuitton, Hermès or Chanel?

In this video, our customer shares his preference for designer bags and why he chose a Louis Vuitton bag from Rapp Auctions. Find out why he values the quality, elegance, and prestige of the brand and how the bag complements his individual style.

Enthusiasm for Rolex

In this video, you can get a glimpse into the fascinating world of exclusive luxury watches at Rapp Auction House. An enthusiastic customer shares her experience of finding her dream watch, a Rolex, at one of our auctions. These special timepieces are not easily available in stores, so it’s worth regularly browsing our selection. Watch the video now and immerse yourself in the world of high-quality timepieces at Rapp Auction House!

Prestige and luxury

Cartier has long been known for its luxurious and exclusive reputation. Wearing Cartier products gives a feeling of prestige and exclusivity and makes the heart of our young auction client beat faster.


The jewellery expert of the Rapp auction house, Gabriela Blöchlinger, will introduce you to a few selected pieces of jewellery from the upcoming auction offer. Immerse yourself in the world of glitz and glamour and let yourself be enchanted.

These royal cash beauties go under the hammer in Wil

On Saturday, Great Britain will be upside down – King Charles III will be officially crowned. To mark the occasion, the Rapp auction house is showing very rare royal coins and offering them for sale in an auction. However, anyone who wants to get hold of a coin must have a solvent wallet.

Rapp Auction 2022: highlights and a look behind the scenes

Take a look at a selection of special highlights that will be on sale at Rapp Auction 2022. Learn about successful past sales and unforgettable moments during the last grand auction week, and get to know the world of Rapp!

What does a jewellery experts look for when selecting items for auction at Rapp?

Gabriela Blöchlinger, our jewellery expert, tells you what she looks out for when selecting jewellery pieces for auction. Factors such as quality and condition play important roles for the appraisal of your treasures. Thanks to many years of experience, our jewellery expert is sure to provide professional appraisals and consultations. Our auctions always list a wide selection of exquisite and unique pieces.

Fancy diamond – striking, rare and popular

Gabriela Blöchlinger, our jewellery expert, presents an outstanding piece of jewellery, a 18K yellow gold diamond ring set in platinum. In the centre, there is a phantastic, unusually cut 2.9 ct diamond (fancy light yellow/VVS1), with impeccable cut and polish, as well as an additional old cut diamond border.

FIFA championship medal 1954 – The miracle of Berne

Our numismatics experts Timo Keppler presents two gilded original gold medals (silver 925/1000) and a silver medal that were awarded after the football world cup finals in Berne in 1954. The medals will be auctioned at Rapp auction in the spring of 2022.

A 5-franc coin from 1928 – worth 22,500 Swiss Francs

Our numismatics expert Timo Keppler presents this prime example of a 5-franc coin. The perfect 5-franc coin from 1928 was sold at Rapp Auction 2022 for 22,500 Swiss Francs.

A gem that turns heads – rare Columbian emerald

This breath-taking yellow 18K yellow gold ring was sold at our last grand Rapp auction in the spring of 2022. Dr. Fabian Schmitz, our gemologist, presents the most impressive facts about this Columbian emerald. This jewellery piece truly turns heads on account of its exquisite muzo green colour and its weight of ca. 3.5 ct, its high purity and additional 1 ct (G/VVS) brilliants.

A rare masterpiece – Patek Philippe Coin Watch

Our watch expert Markus Baumgartner presents the Patek Philippe Coin Watch. This 1959 masterpiece went under the hammer at the Rapp auction from 2 to 7 May 2022. As only very few of these extraordinary watches are known to exist, the auction attracted great interest from around the world.

The iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus

Markus Baumgartner, our experienced watch expert presents the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus 3712 A01 “3 dots” that was auctioned in 2022. This sought-after collectors’ item was assembled mostly by hand at the Geneva factory of Patek Philippe. The special monocoque housing and absolutely perfect clockwork make this piece so special and extremely sought after at our last auction.


Gain insights into the Rapp Auction House!

Marianne Rapp Ohmann, Managing Director, invites you on a tour of the Rapp Auction House and gives you an insight into the various specialist areas. Our experts will present exclusive jewellery, sought-after watches, rare stamps, coins and medals as well as exquisite luxury handbags. Enjoy the unique auction atmosphere at Rapp!

Thank you all

We are delighted to look back at our exciting 2020 action, which was met with great interest across the world. More than 2,500 people joined our auction days online. That was a record! We would like to thank all buyers, consignors and prospective buyers for having been part of this amazing week.

Exotic jewellery set consisting of 18K yellow gold necklace and ring

Our jewellery expert Astrid Heijdemann, presents an exotic jewellery set consisting of 18K yellow gold necklace and ring. Each individual element of these pieces is hand-made. The glamorous set was sold at the November 2020 Rapp auction.

Belvédère messenger bag from Maison Goyard

Our handbag expert Beatrix Eijsbouts presents a beautiful luxury handbag, which has become an insider tip within the world of fashion. The Belvédère messenger bag from Maison Goyard in sky blue, a rare colour, went under the hammer at Rapp Auction 2020.

Exclusive and sophisticated – Patek Philippe 5059

Our experienced watch expert Markus Baumgartner presents a gorgeous Patek Philippe moon phase men’s watch 5059. This Art Deco style watch with its perfect clockwork was sold at the 2020 auction.

Why a 1968 5-franc coin can be worth as much as 5,000 Francs

Rapp Auctions’ coin expert Timo Keppler presents a 5-franc coin from 1968. This error coin was minted in silver instead of a copper-nickel alloy. The rare piece was entered with a starting bid of 5,000 Francs at Rapp Auction 2020.

Louis Vuitton travel accessories

Handbag expert and stylist Ana Maria Haldimann presents this case with mirror, a travel accessory by Louis Vuitton. A true highlight for both men and women, it can also be used as an exquisite decorative object. This perfectly preserved vintage luxury item was sold at the 2020 auction.

The highlights and unforgettable moments at Rapp Auction 2019

Read about the highlights and unforgettable moments at Rapp Auction 2019 The Rapp Auctions experts present unique jewellery pieces, watches, luxury handbags, stamps, coins and orders. Get an exclusive glimpse of what happened at a Rapp auction!

A classic numismatics piece, a rare thaler

Our coin expert, Georg Brosi, is one of the most renowned and experienced numismatics specialists worldwide. He is an absolute connoisseur, particularly when it comes to classic Swiss numismatics. In this video, he introduces us to a very rare thaler from the Swiss territories of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden which dates back to 1561. Only around ten pieces have survived in private collections.

Watches from Franck Muller, purchased at auction by Marie Bernet

Marie Bernet bought a Frank Muller watch at our Rapp auction for watches. She is happy to share her experience of her first auction and what happened at Rapp Auctions.

Swiss first day covers from 1900 to 1958

Auctioneer and stamp expert Peter Rapp talks about a fascinating area for collectors: First day covers from Switzerland dating back to 1900 to 1958. The fine, rare first day covers from this time period are currently sought after and sometimes worth a small fortune.

The “Fancy Sapphires” flower basket

Rapp Auctions jewellery expert Gabriela Blöchlinger examined an absolutely enchanting piece of jewellery — a flower basket brooch set with differently coloured sapphires and 225 brilliant diamonds. Sapphires are just as magically colourful as diamonds. This unique, decorative brooch impresses thanks to the outstanding craftsmanship that went into making it.

Medal for 1910 Berne stamp exhibition

Georg Brosi, our expert for coins and medals, presents a gilded model that was presented to a Swedish Baron at the 1910 stamp exhibition in Berne.

IWC chronograph Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Watchmaker and watch expert René Clémençon presents the IWC pilot’s watch chronograph edition “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry” and explains the story behind this very special item. The limited edition pilot’s watch was produced to commemorate the famous pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and sold at the 2022 auction.

100-franc Vreneli – Switzerland's most popular coin

There are only 5,000 100-franc Vrenelis! This beautiful gold coin was minted in 1925 and is one of the most popular collectors’ coins ever. This has boosted its value in the course of the last decade. Provided it is in mint condition, the 100-franc Vreneli is much more than just a gold coin. It is a safe investment that is neither affected by financial crises nor by inflation.

A passionate stamp collector talks about his hobby

What motivates successful entrepreneur Rolf Hauser to collect stamps? Marianne Rapp Ohmann, CEO of Rapp Auctions, spoke to the passionate stamp collector. Rolf Hauser tells us his personal story and gives us a glimpse of his collection.

Happy birthday, Swiss stamps

After Great Britain, Switzerland was the first country to issue stamps. The Swiss stamp celebrated its 175th anniversary on 1 March 2018. How important are stamps today, 175 years after they were first introduced? What do young people in the age of emails and WhatsApp think about stamps? We asked them to find out. The result is both unexpected and gratifying!



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