Individual Expert Consultation

Would you like to sell your stamps, coins, jewellery, wristwatches, pocket watches or designer bags? We offer individual value assessments and sales consultations with our specialists at our Rapp Auction House and in various cities. We are pleased to show you the best possibilities for an auction sale in a personal meeting. Our initial consultation is free of charge, but due to the high demand, it is addressed exclusively to people interested in selling.



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Our specialists are regularly on the road in various countries of the world to take delivery of extensive or valuable objects and collections. Please contact us to arrange an individual appointment at your place of residence.


1. make an appointment

You have the following options:


0041 71 923 77 44

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0041 79 285 78 11


!Please note: Rapp Expert Days are so popular that they get booked up fast. Please understand that our free consultations are only available to potential sellers.

2. Consultations

Unser Uhrenexperte bei der Verkaufsberatung für den bestmöglichen Rapp Auktionsverkauf

We will be happy to meet with you at the agreed time in the city of your choice. During the meeting, our experts will make an initial appraisal of your items and advise you on your options for selling.

3. Sales offers

Wir beraten Sie gerne für den bestmöglichen Auktionsverkauf

If your sales offer meets your expectations, you may choose to give us your items there an then so that we can arrange for the most favourable auction sale. Direct sales may also be possible depending on the size and value of your items.



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