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Brand Ambassador

The most valuable service a customer can give to their supplier is a recommendation. Most people do not give recommendations until they are absolutely certain.

We believe in recommendations

Beratungsgespräch, Expertenberatung, Wil SG und Zürich

Over the past few years, Rapp Auctions has built a global team of brand ambassadors who have all had outstanding experience with Rapp Auctions. Our competent and likeable brand ambassadors hail from various cities and regions across Switzerland, Austria, as well as other European and overseas countries. Our valued brand ambassadors spread the word about Rapp Auctions’ range of services and are in close contact with Rapp’s team of consultants and experts.

Fabienne Nadler-Kilchmann,
Brand Ambassador for the Rapp Auctions

“I like being a brand ambassador for the Rapp auction house because I love and appreciate beautiful and precious objects with history. As a bridge builder, I arrange personal contacts with the experts and report on the services of the auction house. As a brand ambassador, I hereby support a wonderful family business so that precious things end up in trustworthy hands.”


Markenbotschafterin Auktionshaus Rapp

Simona Negri Ambiveri,
Brand Ambassador for the Rapp Auctions

“I have always had a passion for beauty, the ancient and the particular. Being an ambassador for the Rapp auction house offers me the opportunity to put those who wish to confer their goods or collections in contact with a team of experts who, with professionalism, passion and confidentiality, offer a personalized and attentive service aimed at obtaining the best result. What Is Valuable Should Be in Good Hands!”

Dr. Karl A. Irsigler,
Brand Ambassador for the Rapp Auctions

“The team at Rapp Auctions attaches great importance to a personal and individual customer service. The high quality of service is noticeable, even at the regular expert days in Vienna, Salzburg and Bregenz. As a Rapp Brand Ambassador, I can share my passion for watches with other collectors and interested parties.”

Are you interested?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more information and documentation for the brand ambassador programme.


Schlaepfer Stephanie

Stephanie Schläpfer
Administrative Management
Brand Ambassador Programme Rapp Auctions
Toggenburgerstrasse 139 | CH-9500 Wil, Switzerland
Phone 0041 71 923 77 44 | info(at)rapp-auktionen.ch



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