Dazzling Prospects

One could say that working at Rapp Auctions is sometimes like a big treasure hunt. Particularly when going through extensive estate collections and inventory from years past that have been handed over to us to sell, we are constantly discovering marvellous coins and medals that any collector would be happy to have in their collection. In recent months and weeks, we had the privilege of accepting incredibly interesting items from dozens of estates and investment holdings, and of course, we have also hand-selected several numismatic rarities for you. We have also received impressive banknote collections and several interesting orders for auction.

In spring 2022, we will have the great pleasure of presenting you with an attractive, diverse and valuable selection of exquisite numismatic items and hundreds of auction lots.

Due to an increased global demand, prices are rising.
The demand for select collector’s items has risen significantly in recent weeks – not only in the coin market but in all of our departments. The trend is clear: Many people are specifically looking for alternative investment opportunities such as coins, stamps, watches and jewellery. The high auction results around the globe clearly confirm this trend.

If you are considering selling your collector’s items, we recommend that you take advantage of the excellent market conditions and, most importantly, profit from the high prices at the moment. We are always on the lookout for collections and individual pieces from various departments for our customers worldwide. There is an especially high demand at the moment among our customers from Asia. Get in touch with us now. We are happy to offer you a consultation. We would be glad to sell your collection and individual items at our next large international Rapp auction, where we expect many asset rich, international collectors.

Peter Rapp and Marianne Rapp Ohmann and their team of 12 experts are here to help and are happy to offer you a consultation. Come by with your treasures at our Expert Days or directly at Rapp Auctions here in Switzerland. We are glad to travel right to your home or arrange a visit at your principal bank if you have large or especially valuable collections.



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